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Welcome to IVFMD, A Place for Cost Effective IVF in Dallas & Fort Worth

A top DFW fertility center, IVFMD offers basic and breakthrough diagnostic and treatment choices to unlock your fertility potential. IVFMD, through its two IVF centers in the DFW area, provides IVF in Dallas and Ft Worth that are both effective and affordable. We believe in making leading edge fertility technologies accessible to as many families as possible by reducing the financial stress during the journey toward parenthood.

Established in 1997, IVFMD is one of the few fertility centers in Dallas and Fort Worth that can claim more than 15 years of experience with consistently high IVF pregnancy rates year after year. Our record is proven: We have helped thousands of patients build families while earning a reputation for excellent and thoughtful care. Our aspiration from day one has been to combine quality and affordability, and over the years we have become one of the most cost-effective IVF centers in the nation.

IVFMD established its first fertility center just five years after fertility clinics began reporting IVF success rates to the Centers for Disease Control. Since then, we have built a legacy of patient-centered care resulting in high pregnancy rates and joyful outcomes for thousands of couples and singles.

Unique features of IVFMD:

  • Quality: With each visit to our fertility center, you are assured one-on-one time with a physician. Our entire team works together with a single goal of providing you the best medical care you deserve. For years we have been named an Aetna Institute of Excellence and Optum Fertility Center of Excellence based on our superior clinical outcomes and commitment to high quality of care for our patients.
  • Affordability: We are obsessed with cost effectiveness and always aim to optimize treatment benefits while minimizing the cost for our patients. Our IVF cost is one of the most affordable in the country. We are also transparent in treatment cost. You can find most information about IVF cost on our website. We are also an in-network IVF facility for Aetna, Cigna, and United Healthcare. Covered patients do not have to pay out-of-network fees when they use our centers.
  • Flexibility: We tailor our treatment program to fit your unique clinical situation but are also amenable to change treatment protocol whenever necessary in order to achieve success. This flexibility has enabled us to help patients with the most challenging fertility problems including those with low ovarian reserve.

IVFMD serves the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex from its 2 fully equipped IVF centers Irving and Arlington with results-driven, affordable and individualized fertility care. Year after year, our experienced team has continued to celebrate successes alongside our IVFMD families. Our fertility team would like nothing more than to share that experience with you.

Contact us for answers and help to overcome your fertility obstacles.



Three birthdays, one day of conception -- The Chart

CNN features IVFMD patient with "Triblings". IVF siblings born 3 years apart.


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