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Welcome to IVFMD!

The fertility specialists and clinical care team at IVFMD have devoted years to fine-tuning treatment protocols, balancing basic care with advanced fertility treatments while ensuring that we can offer affordable reproductive medicine to all hopeful parents-to-be in Dallas-Fort Worth.


IVFMD is one of the very few programs in the Midwest with 2 fully equipped IVF clinics.

We serve couples from the Dallas area in our center in Irving fertility center and patients from Fort Worth in our full service fertility center in  Arlington. Our high IVF success rates speak volumes about the IVFMD commitment to quality fertility care, and our CAP-accredited IVF laboratory offers cutting edge technologies to diagnose and conquer infertility:

  • Trophectoderm biopsy for preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection using PICSI technology
  • Oocyte and embryo preservation via vitrification
  • Laser hatching of embryos
  • Screening for sperm DNA fragmentation

IVFMD physicians are skilled in:

  • Flexible IVF protocols tailored for each patient situation
  • Mini IVF protocol for patients with low ovarian reserve
  • Donor egg and surrogacy cycles
  • Tubal reversal
  • Outpatient myomectomy

We treat infertility holistically, with a patient-centered approach that takes into account the enormous physical, emotional and financial burden of infertility. Our goal is to empower you with information, equip you with fertility resources and guide you toward your final goal of achieving pregnancy.

Over the years IVFMD has been known for:

  • Proactive treatment approach that is both effective and affordable. In short, we do not want to waste your time and money.
  • Innovative IVF protocols for patients with low ovarian reserve. We take all challenging cases. We have been in practice long enough to know not to say never.
  • Emphasis on treatment comfort and efficiency. Our IVF patients avoid painful intramuscular injections and do not come to the clinic more than necessary.
  • One to one interaction with the physician at every visit. We believe that direct access to the physician at every point along the treatment journey is critical for success.

Contact the fertility center devoted to excellence in reproductive medicine and compassionate and thoughtful care for every individual.


Founded in 1997, IVFMD has become one of the most cost-effective IVF programs in the U.S.

IVFMD serves the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex from its 2 fully equipped IVF centers in Irving and Arlington with results-driven, affordable and individualized fertility care.

Year after year, our experienced team has continued to celebrate successes alongside our IVFMD families. Our fertility team would like nothing more than to share that experience with you.

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