Cost of IUI Cycle

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What does IUI cost in the Dallas & Fort Worth area?

At IVFMD we are sensitive to the high cost of fertility treatment and will try to guide you through a cost effective pathway to achieve your goal of pregnancy. For many patients, the relatively low cost of intrauterine insemination or IUI cost makes this treatment option an attractive one as long as the sperm and tubes are not too abnormal.

For patients who do not have insurance coverage for infertility treatment, we offer the same discounted fees we typically receive from the managed plans. In other word, if you do not have insurance coverage for fertility treatment, you will receive the same discounted rates for IUI cost we contracted with the managed plans.

Below are the typical charges for some of the services we provide:

Initial consultation $180
Sonogram  $150
Semen analysis  $80
Semen prep and IUI $260
IUI with gender selection  $390

The cost of IUI cycle depends on the stimulation protocol, the type of medications used, and the frequency of sonogram and/or blood hormone monitoring. For many patients, fertility treatment begins with an ovulation induction cycle using clomiphene, with or without an IUI. A typical clomiphene and IUI cycle is usually consisted of at least 2 sonograms (performed before and after clomiphene), a HCG injection (to ovulate), an IUI (performed 1-2 days after HCG), and a progesterone level (a week after HCG to assess adequacy of ovulation). The total cost of IUI cycle can be estimated by adding the cost of the medications, the sonograms, and the IUI procedure.

IUI Cycle

Assuming that clomiphene costs $50 and the HCG (Ovidrel) injection costs $100, the cost of IUI cycle using clomiphene would cost about $700 (see below). The progesterone level is often covered by insurance or costs $30.

   Cost of IUI Cycle
   Services Covered
   $150    Baseline sonogram
   $150    Midcycle sonogram
   $260    IUI (sperm prep and insemination)
   Approximate total    $560
   Cost of medications    $200    Clomid and HCG injection


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