Cost of Tubal Reversal

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What does tubal reversal cost in Dallas & Fort Worth?

At IVFMD our practice motto is to provide the most cost-effective fertility care as possible, and this is why patients have traveled from throughout the USA and abroad to take advantage of our very affordable IVF treatment program.  In a similar fashion, we have negotiated with the Baylor Surgical Hospital at Las Colinas an affordable package for to cover tubal reversal cost.

At IVFMD, the cost for tubal reversal is a flat fee of $6,500.00 which covers:

• Initial consultation with the surgeon
• Preoperative, surgical and postoperative care at a premier Baylor hospital
• Anesthesia fee
• Fee for a surgeon experienced in microsurgical techniques
• Postoperative visit

The Baylor Surgical Hospital at Las Colinas has state-of-the-art equipment and an excellent team supporting staff to make your stay after tubal reversal safe and comfortable.

For out of town patients, we have arranged discounted rates with the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel which is situated just across the street from our clinic and the hospital.

IVFMD serves the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex from its 2 fully equipped IVF centers in Irving and Arlington with results-driven, affordable and individualized fertility care.

Year after year, our experienced team has continued to celebrate successes alongside our IVFMD families. Our fertility team would like nothing more than to share that experience with you.

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