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Our fertility center team is devoted to raising infertility awareness

fertility myths Approximately 1 in 8 couples in this country experience fertility issues that make getting pregnant difficult. Our fertility center offers advanced treatment combined with compassionate care. The team at IVFMD will walk with you every step of the way, from the initial consultation, through testing and diagnosis, to treatment and eventual pregnancy.

Knowing the risks, adopting healthy habits and seeking help sooner rather than later can help you protect and preserve your fertility!

Our fertility center team debunks common misconceptions

When you are having trouble achieving pregnancy, well-meaning friends and relatives may offer unsolicited and inaccurate advice. We would like to set the record straight on the following fallacies.

  • Infertility only impacts women. Although many people mistakenly consider infertility a female-only syndrome, issues affecting the woman are the cause in only one-third of the cases. Another one-third of cases occur because of male factor infertility, with the final one-third identified as having an unknown cause.
  • Achieving pregnancy is a piece of cake. In any given month in your 20s and early 30s, you have about a 15 to 20% chance of getting pregnant. To increase the odds of success, you need to have intercourse within 48 to 72 hours of ovulation. After 12 months of trying (six months if the female partner is over age 35), you should see a fertility specialist.
  • If you just relaxed and didn’t worry so much, you would probably get pregnant. Just like diabetes or heart disease, infertility is a medical condition. No amount of meditation, yoga or relaxation will address this issue without proper diagnosis and treatment of the underlying issues.

Discover a dedicated partner in our fertility center expert

The stress and disappointment caused by infertility can leave you feeling hopeless. In our Arlington and Irving fertility center offices, we are in the dream-making business. Dr. Sy Q Le will develop a personalized treatment plan to identify any obstacles to conception so that you can have the healthy baby you desire.

Contact IVFMD for more information or to schedule a consultation appointment.

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Dr. Le is the founder of IVFMD and has aspired from day one to make leading edge fertility treatment as affordable as possible. He has special interest in all aspects of Assisted Reproductive Technologies, especially IVF protocols for women with low ovarian reserve.

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