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Educating and Empowering the Infertility Community

Thank you for choosing IVFMD for your fertility treatment. An essential part of offering comprehensive care involves preparing you for the journey ahead.

Focusing on the Big Picture: Resolution

Recognize that well-meaning advice such as ‘relax and you will get pregnant’ wastes valuable time when you are actively trying to get pregnant without success. The disease of infertility affects 1 in 7 couples in this country, with male infertility and female infertility accounting for an equal share of the causes.

Partnering with a fellowship-trained fertility specialist positions you for success, and IVFMD is among the nation’s most established fertility clinics. You’ve made a good choice to pursue treatment.

Before Fertility Treatment

Don’t let medical and insurance forms overwhelm you. The IVFMD office staff and financial counselors will happily answer questions, and provide support throughout the new patient process.

IVF MD New Patient Forms

A word of advice: Now is a good time to explore your feelings about getting pregnant through advanced reproductive technologies, and talk with your partner about the fertility treatment options you are willing to try, and how much time, money and effort you want to invest.

During Fertility Treatment

While you undergo fertility treatment, you will make choices with your fertility specialist about the right path for you. We suggest that you review the IVFMD website, and browse through the Fertility Treatment services pages.

Carefully choose online resources, as some infertility advice can be misleading.

Over the years, our fertility specialists have personally read or referred patients to a handful of credible websites. We’ve compiled a listing of educational resources provided by accredited reproductive medicine organizations, as well as useful blogs and online communities helpful for lending emotional support.

After Fertility Treatment

After a positive pregnancy test, allow yourself to believe that your pregnancy is just like any other woman’s. When your IVFMD reproductive endocrinologist releases you to your obgyn, you can and should enjoy all of the milestones of each week of your progressing pregnancy. Congratulations!

Before, During and After Fertility Treatment

As someone undergoing fertility treatment, you will need access to advice and appointments after regular office hours. IVFMD provides 24/7 call coverage, and off-hour appointments so you never skip a beat during a fertility treatment cycle.

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IVFMD serves the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex from its 2 fully equipped IVF centers in Irving and Arlington with results-driven, affordable and individualized fertility care.

Year after year, our experienced team has continued to celebrate successes alongside our IVFMD families. Our fertility team would like nothing more than to share that experience with you.

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